Okay, now what?

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So I worked on this today - loving the ticking stripe I added as well as the scrappy border and the linen squares in the corners. I plan on doing some more applique on those - maybe some birdies or bugs.

Okay - now what?

Actually, first I have to fix the bottom row of scrappy squares. Not sure how this happened, but I added an extra square to this row, therefore making the corner squares half-squares. Have to undo this immediately as I am highly annoyed I messed this up.

I mentioned that I'd like to do a sawtooth border on this. It seems like it needs something retro, but not too traditional. Leaning toward something whimsical. Some "drunk" flying geese, as Janet calls them?
What do y'all think?


  1. I think drunk flying geese would be a great idea. I'd be sure to add some red into the mix so they tie into the center. I'm loving this!

  2. I would love for you to add some of my "drunk" flying geese. They can be a lot of fun!! xoxo

  3. can't believe you are going to take that apart. I think it has to cause more problems than it will solve...I totally could not spot your "mistake". I really like the block and it definitely looks unique and fresh.

  4. What about some sort of clam shell border to echo the curves of the center? Agree with Ms. TulipPatch about "fixing" your border. Like the spontaneity of your "mistake"...

  5. I wouldn't change the little squares, either, Andie....it's folksy the way it is. I agree with Tracy about using some red in the next round of drunk geese...or change out the white corner squares in the last round to something brighter. It's looking great....keep going!


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