Old School Inspiration

I'm needing to see some new stuff. I feel like I keep seeing the same stuff over and over again on blogs. Maybe it's because we modern quilters tend to use the same lines of fabric or maybe it's that we tend to make the same blocks/designs.  Not sure.

I went searching for some old-school inspiration last night via my new toy - an iPad. Feeling a need to take it back to our roots...

One large block of a New York Beauty. Love how linear the flowers still appear in this.

Another NY Beauty - love the color combo against the cream background.

Flying geese hybrid. What a huge graphic impact this quilt has!

Love the red and white. This simple churn dash is elevated to another level with the variation of the reds and creams.

Drunkard's path. Again - huge visual impact, even with just a blue and white color scheme. Sigh.

This is called a dahlia. I saw this one on a blog once and have loved it since. I'd love to figure out how to put a modern spin on this. I'm fairly sure this is made by paper-piecing.

This is an Ohio star hybrid - not sure of the name. I love this quilt. So sweet and old-fashioned yet very sophisticated. And this Ohio girl loves an Ohio Star.

Lonestar. One of my favorites. I prefer a smaller star - too many "layers" make me dizzy and I think it looks too busy. 

When I fell in love with quilts as a child, it was a double wedding ring that did it for me. My mother had one made from feedsacks set against a white muslin background with a scalloped binding. It was absolutely perfect in it's retro-liciousness. I still have it, although it's in need of some repair. It looks much like this quilt.

And because it's pretty similar to a double wedding ring, this pickle dish just blows my hair back.  So wonderfully yummy and fun - I got to see this quilt at the Int'l Quilt Show in Cincy.

Still looking at some more traditional inspiration today. Might take my new toy to my daughter's swim meet tonight and "work".

**All of these images came from Google Images**


  1. Thanks for sharing these quilts -- very inspiring for my creativity also! The orange & green NY beauty is especially striking.

    The dahlia is made with templates. Marti Michell sells a set, in fact, I believe there are two sizes.

  2. Ooh, the huge pickle dish is awesome! As are the others, but I really like the large scale.

  3. Have fun with your new toy! I love mine! Nothing like beautiful traditional quilts!

  4. Love your inspiration quilts especially the NY Beauties and am looking forward to seeing what you make. Reinterpreting vintage quilts is my favorite way to go. Have fun with your iPad. Just be careful not to step on it... Don't ask me how I know!

  5. As Pat mentioned, I think dahlia's were traditionally pieced in sections or curved rows...I've not heard of them being paper peiced unless it's a reproduction.
    Great photos!

  6. I've always wanted to make a dahlia quilt... good to know that MM sells templates - thanks Pat! I'll definitely look for those the next time I'm at the fabric shop.

    Love all the old quilts. I have a collection of photo's I've taken of vintage quilts that I think would make awesome modern quilts... what's old is new again. They're so inspiring. That Ohio star hybrid is pretty inspiring too. Thanks so much for sharing.


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