I ~Heart~ Novogratz

Is anyone else semi-obsessed with Cortney and Robert Novogratz? Someone validate my feelings here, please. I've been fans of theirs for a few years now and I'm THRILLED about their new show on HGTV. I watched it last night and, even though I wouldn't dare replicate half of what they do in their designs in my own home, I'm totally in awe of how they mix wacky with whimsical with modern with sleek with classic with vintage. It just....works.

Case in point:

A vintage chandelier, a sleek modern nightstand, bright kelly green walls, shiny painted wood floors, crispy white linens, some crazy-a** art above the bed and....smack my hiney....a cathedral window quilt that Cortney's grandma made, casually thrown on the foot of the bed.

These folks are artists. Think about it - the risks these people took in the design of this room. This room is dripping with serious vision and guts. Like the room or not - you gotta give the Novogratzs' major props for having the chutzpah to create this inexplicably appealing space.


  1. I love them too. I would copy their basement room, and I loved the beach house they did too. I love the weird mixes and the clean colors. Plus, they spend money on the good stuff that matters (like original art). Yeah, they rock. I didn't know of them before the show. Jennifer

  2. I love that room, but I'm so out of the loop (no cable TV for us for years now!) that I didn't even know the name(s). I would totally live in that room, except for maybe the horn thing over my head. ;-)

  3. Have not seen this new series. Will have to find the show online but I have a huge thing for them too... I love how they mix high end pieces with junk finds. They are effortlessly cool....

  4. Love the room! Green is my color! Never heard of them....off to do a google search.

  5. pretty! love that quilt and the green!


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