I Thought I Knew

So I added the blue, white and green border and was going to add a large final border of a pink and green and blue geometric. When I hold it up to the what I have so far, it just doesn't look quite right. It looked too....heavy.

So again...I pull fabric from my stash..... in hopes of making a love connection with the final pieces of this experiment. I had to pull myself away from the computer last night because I caught myself looking at orange and pink florals on my favorite online shops. This self-imposed "no-buy" rule is making fabric choosing a little difficult, but certainly not impossible. After all - this quilt is just for me. It's my fun, no-pressure, not-trying-to-impress-anyone project.


  1. I did really well with not buying fabric this year until I went to the retreat this weekend---blew that out of the water!

    It's fun watching your experiment grow...

  2. what about some orangy-red to bring your eye out from the saw teeth? Love it so far..hope to see it in person someday!

  3. and it's coming out just lovely. ^^

  4. WEll......hhhmmmm, I dunno, I just know I like it!!


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