Progress on Flower Medallion Quilt

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I picked the Huevos {yellow and gray ovals} because it was bold and it draws the eye out. I have the rest of the quilt figured out in my head - just have to put the last few "layers" on.  I also added the birds in the linen  cornerstones. I am so excited to add the last borders!

And then I'll finish my little birdies! I drew this freehand and then traced them on scraps of fabric. They were really fun to make. As you can see, my embroidery skills are lacking. I need to practice a lot more. The only way to do that is to plan more projects that require it!

This quilt is an exercise in stretching myself with color and pattern. Because I have focused so much on the composition of this thing, the construction is lacking a bit. My seams don't match so well and it's currently not square. But it's funny- I'm having so much fun with allowing creativity, imagination and imperfection flow that I could care less that it's not in the near vicinity of well-made. I'll just quilt the heck out it, throw it through the wash and allow the crinkly goodness to absorb the flaws.

It's like a little vacation every time I lose myself in this sweet, Australian-inspired quilt!

Now that I have the rest of it planned out - I need a name. Hmmm....


  1. I love it!! I would just call it Happiness because it makes me smile every time I look at it. Love the polka dots :)

  2. Very cute. That yellow was just what it needed to pop!

  3. Love the new border... Very Material Obsession worthy! You would make KD proud...


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