Back To School with a Cheeky Tote

The school tote I made for Bugs. Echino fabric. I used my Quick Tote Bag pattern for this and made 2 straps using the strap from my Yoga Mat Bag pattern.

It's reversible! Laurie Wisbrun giraffe fabric with a small swath of Echino.
  Actually, I kind of dread the kids going back to school.

 They get up at the butt-crack of dawn {1st kid leaves on the bus at 6:30am} and the nightly dance of homework/fighting/whining begins. My kids are very bright, but they're not super-motivated to get good grades. Therefore, hubby and I have to threaten, coerce, demand, finesse and plead for them to work hard and hopefully understand the value in getting good grades and what it means for their future career/college choices. And now that the two boys are in high school, they must realize that this stuff follows them for the rest of their lives.

And I miss them when they're at school.

I DO enjoy the structure of all of us getting up and starting our day early. I tend to be much more productive when I'm on a schedule. I love to watch the sun rise and I totally dig the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee mixed with the smell of the morning dew that wafts in through the windows. Sigh.

So, back to routine. Back to "To Do" lists and calendars. Back to the daily grind.


  1. Holy Crap--what time does that poor 6:30 a.m. child have to get out of bed?!? I remember when leaving the house for high school at 7:20 was torturous...

    Love the bag! If you have any extra, I could use a new tote...

  2. Hey....I'm into 'cheeky'!! Love love
    love the bag!!!

    Aahhh yes,,,,the ole school morning AND bedtime grind.....I don't miss it!!!

  3. Great idea for my girls! No backpacks this year!


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