Love In a Mist for Doris

Doris is my kind of quilter. She's got a love of both traditional and modern quilts. She's also a newlywed who put together one of the coolest and loveliest handmade weddings ever. I'm pretty sure that if she lived here in Cincy instead of Iowa, I would totally demand that she be my new BFF. 

Doris chose the "Love In A Mist" block for her month in our OBO Bee. I love, love this block!! It's so delicious and retro-yummy. She used this tutorial for us to follow. Easy instructions and a great block to use up both large and small scraps. This quilt is going to be stunning when she puts it together.

Doris' block required some precision cutting and piecing - skills that, if not practiced regularly, tend to suffer a bit. This block was a great reminder that I need to vary my projects in order to keep my skills sharp. Not gonna lie.....my block is a hot mess. If Doris gets it in the mail and decides that it's too much of a hot mess to use in her quilt, I wouldn't blame her!


  1. I know we'd make great BFFs! And it won't be too bad to use--promise!

  2. Love that block! I need to check out Doris because I love love love the traditional blocks (you know me!) and I love when people breathe fresh new life into them with fun colors and fabrics. PS, love your block. It's not a hot mess...it's hot.

  3. I *love* it! and I like Doris, too! I doubt the block is a hot mess. I know what you mean by adding some difficult stuff to the mix. I need to do that, too!


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