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I worked on a project this week that called for mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I must confess - I don't own a lot of Kaffe fabrics. Mainly because they intimidate me. Silly, I know.  He is an artistic genius, in my opinion, and I, quite frankly, don't really know how to use his fabrics yet. I watch people use them in applique and patchwork designs and I'm in awe. I don't know what it is - maybe it's that I'm not mature enough in my quilterhood to look at his fabrics and know eactly what I would do with them. I don't know, but when I'm stumped like this by something that I see others doing with ease, well, my inner competitor kicks in.

Anyhoo, I had to order some fabric to complete this project and I went straight to Jackie from Canton Village Quilt Works to get it. She uses his stuff all the time and carries a really great selection in her shop. And even in the aftermath of a major hurricane, she managed to get my order to me in a few days. Love her! 

So now I'm thinking about Kaffe combos - what can I make with his stuff. So I pulled what I had and some other juicy fabrics that I thought would go and now my mind. is. racing with ideas!!
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  1. I don't think it's being "mature enough in quilterhood" that's kept you from using Kaffe Fassett fabrics. It's daring-do! I'm extremely mature in quilterhood (I do love that term, thank you), seniorish if I dare to confess it, and I've never used Kaffe fabrics... don't even own any. I think they're fabulous, but for me it's trying to decide which piece to buy first! When I go into a shop and see a whole bank of Kaffe bolts I sorta bolt myself! I'm stymied by indecision. Daring is needed! I'll look forward to watching how you progress through this. All the best!

  2. LOL! I'm not very mature in the quilterhood either. Those are some beautiful fabric and I'm sure whatever you make with them will be beautiful too. I understand your fear though .....

  3. Andie, I think that half the battle is just loving the fabric like you do! The rest will come. Sometimes it is just a matter of thinking of the print as a single color and then using it that way. You have a great start and I so look forward to seeing how you put his gorgeous fabrics to use. Also, I am in total agreement with you about Kaffe being a creative genius!! Thank you for the kudos too! It is much appreciated and I really do strive to do my best for my customers! Thanks for being there... Love ya too!!

  4. I'm a KF fan as well. I have a tablecloth made from 6" KF squares that I use in Spring/Summer. I need to make my Autumn/Winter one. I've had the fabric for over a year...

  5. I'm with you...I love Kaffe fabrics but don't know how to use them either. Not sure what it is? Your fabrics are yummy!


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