Design Wall Monday

So my design wall is in the process of being moved to a new studio. Very happy about this since my current studio is just too.....accessible.... to the rest of the family.  I need my own space where no one will be tempted to touch my stuff {fabric scissors} or interrupt me {no, make your own snack} and I can shut the door and walk away when I need to take a break from sewing.

This is a design that I made for a friend using Picnik, one of my favorite tools for editing pictures, making blog components and generally designing things that would require the purchase of illustrating of photo editing software. It's free and very easy to use.

This design is so simple - it could be made into any size quilt and would be a great way to use large scraps or a charm pack. This would be a great project for a quick baby quilt or a yummy scrappy twin size from upcycled men's shirts.

This is the block. Click here to use my Road to Tennessee block to make this quilt. It just requires a different setting than the one I have in the tutorial.


  1. Thanks for the tip about Picnik (and the tutorial too). Hope you most pics of your new studio...

  2. I've made this block before, and used the middle space to collect signatures. Blocks went into a college graduation quilt for our daughter. Thanks for the tip about Picnik! I'll be checking into it.


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