Mini Quilt For Sarah

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This is the finished mini quilt I made for Sarah for our Cincy Mod Quilt Guild swap.  I ended up changing it a little from the picture I posted the other day. The blue background fabric seemed to add more interest than the check I had up there before. I really wish I knew who made this fabric - it was a remnant I got from the Fabric Shack. I would love to get more. Anyone know?

The tutorial I used to make these trees is from Lily's Quilts. She has some really fun tutes on her site and her use of color is really yummy.

I FMQ'd the blue background and I tell ya....I'm just not good at it! I did loop-d-loops in white thread and because of the fabric, you could barely see the stitching, thank the Lord.

I really like how it turned out. I would do a few things differently with this technique, but it was a successful attempt.

Next CMQG swap? Seasonal table runner!


  1. LOVE THIS! How do i get on your Christmas/Birthday list?

  2. This is awesome! It's really fun to look at all the different fabrics you used and where you placed them!

  3. How lucky am I? I absolutely love it.


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