Serendipitous Rotary Blade Moment

I'm not kidding myself into thinking this is a stroke of genius, but every once in awhile, I do something that is resourceful and practical that has a "why haven't I thought of this sonner" kind of chaser.

Case in point:
I had to change my rotary blade this morning. And I hate throwing that blade away for fear that it will injure someone. I learned a trick when I was taking art classes for the disposal of X-acto blades - tape up the blade with masking tape and throw it away. So, that's what I've been doing for years with my rotary blades.

But today - serendipity.

We have about 10 of these sticky lint roller things around my house and cars.....

 because of this gal:

This is Tatum {aka Ting Ting}
She, uh, sheds a little.
{Totally cracks me up when her upper lip gets stuck on her bottom teeth like that. Hilarious.}

So today there was one sitting next to my sewing machine and it hit me!
Use the sheets from the sticky lint roller thingy for the rotary blade disposal!

Sandwich the blade between 2 sheets of the sticky paper. Throw away.

Look at that shiny new blade. Quick- get me some fabric to cut.

Ting Ting doesn't want any of you to cut your pretty little fingers and require stitches or bleed all over your pretty fabric. She would be so sad.


  1. I like to thread them onto splintery sticks for my kids to use as a homemade abacus ( to keep track of our remaining fingers and toes) but this is ok if you are into safety and junk ;)

  2. A nice tip, and an even nicer dog. What a pretty girl (?). I usually put old rotary blade back into the yellow case they've come in. I mark "used" on the cover, and when it's full, I toss it away.

  3. Wonderful idea... I put mine into the corner of a junk mail envelope and then fold it up around it and tape shut!


  4. Holy crap. I'm thinking the same thing... why did I never think of that?!? With two kitties in the house, we have those thingys all over the place, too.

  5. Aww, she's so pretty! I have a thing for goldies...and German shepherds... unfortunately, I don't have the time to devote to a dog yet (and one of my cats would keel over from nerves if we did get a dog). When I change my blades, I stick them onto a piece of cardboard & cover with duct tape.

  6. Look at that sweet widdle face...Pretty girl.

  7. Genius idea! Miss Ting Ting is beautiful...


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