Uh, Ma? We have 22.

My son asked me the other day if we could host dinner at our house for him and his friends before their homecoming dance next month. Because I have a deep need for my kids' and their friends to think we're the cool parents, I, of course, said yes. I thought, "dinner for him, his date and maybe 2 or 3 other couples would be fun!"

I got a text from him last night: Uh, Ma? We have 22.

O.M.G.  Really?

So today my mind is racing with ideas for the decor and the menu. Their school colors are red and white and my immediate thought would be to do a very sophisticated and clean tablesetting with big, yet simple, centerpieces. I'm thinking of red, white and sparkly silver touches.

Photo Courtesy of New Fusion Events

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Photo Courtesy of Events by Heather Ham

Photo courtesy of Manolo Brides

Photo courtesy of Sedona Wedding Studio
I want the kids to feel mature and like they're being pampered. I don't, however, want to go overboard and create an environment of excess. Elegant but comfortable.

The menu: I want to get it catered. He wants me to cook. It shouldn't scare me to cook for 22 people since I've done team dinners for hockey and volleyball several times. But having a sit-down dinner is whole lot different than making 2 pans of lasagna and some garlic bread on a buffet!   I want this to be fun for everyone, including my husband and me. I turn into a raging hag when I have an event that requires a ton of work, so I thought I'd give my husband and children the gift of catering. More on this story as it develops.


  1. I know you'll come up with something visually fantastic! Keep us posted...

  2. I'm with you on this. It is so sensible to get some help. 22 people is a lot to feed in a formal/semi formal way. Getting the meals out, each looking as nice as the next, serving equal portions, keeping it hot while keeping your cool is way too hard for most amateurs, even if they are good cooks. You will have a memorable evening and your son will be proud of you.

  3. Oh that sounds like fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  4. How fun! I'm sure you'll put on a fantastic dinner that will be talked about for lifetimes. I can't wait to hear/see more on this :)

  5. you are a brave soul, that's a lot of people :)

  6. I love the top picture!! I thought that was your house! A little envy ran through my blood. :)

  7. Wow, that is over whelming!! You are the cool mom!!


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