Design Wall Monday a Day Late

I Don't. Do. Spiders.
They make me sweat and curse.
This massive {well, massive to me} arachnid was hanging out right smack in the middle of my cozy design wall for 2 DAYS!

Since I've moved my sewing studio to an office in the basement {a move I have regretted since the lighting is sucky}, I've had to deal with some bugs in the last few weeks. I can deal with bugs. Spiders are a different story. And I can't kill them. I feel bad killing them. What did they do to me? Nothing. I'd rather just let them go on their merry web-building/insect-eating-way and pretend we never met.

But this guy...what a jerk. He seriously held my studio hostage with his presence. And you can see the tip of one of my partial blocks that I needed to work on that was hanging next to him. That didn't get touched until that son-of-a-biscuit-eating-bulldog left.

So there's my design wall for you.

But here's a pic of a stack of paper-pieced goodness I've been absolutely killing myself over. It may just be my quilting opus when it's done.
Can't wait to show you when it's done. It makes my tummy tickle a little...


  1. I have no problems swatting those critters! Love you header and tempters, Andie!

  2. LOL! I hate spiders, too! I was at the kitchen window, earlier this fall, just looking out at the deck and the table & umbrella. There was a huge spider web, with a leaf caught in it! The next day I just happened to look out the window again, and that leaf moved!! I am totally creeped out!!! I hollered for my son to "Come here!" I grabbed a can of bug spray for him....He said the bug spray wasn't going to be enough to kill it, was going to go get him compound bow and an arrow and shoot it, LOL! It was HUGE! He was even freaked out by it. He sprayed that thing till it quit moving.

  3. Must be the knitter in me but I love any insect that traps and kills moths... Though for all of our sakes I hope your spider goes so that we can see what you are working on!

  4. *shudders* Uck, spiders. They usually get squashed in my house - especially since I'm still brave enough to look closely to figure out if its a Black Widow or not. (I've definitely killed one of those, my hubby identified it for me.)

    I'm intrigued by the quilting opus ;)

  5. Spiders don't scare me. Bugs that crunch do... and those milipeedy like things... (shudder)


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