Hockey Mom Quilts

It's hockey season again. This is the 13th season of hockey for our family. Hard to believe the boys were once little mites who could barely skate, let alone hold a stick and understand what was happening on the ice! I've learned to really love the game - it's fast, graceful and physical. And sometimes scary. Injuries are common with our boys: split chins, cracked ribs, a concussion or two and big purple bruises.

 Our oldest is pretty good. He's not a big guy, but he has what coaches call a "hockey head" and plays a physical and intelligent game. His plan after he graduates from high school this year is to play in the Juniors and then maybe get a scholarship to college. Fingers crossed. Our younger son, who's 16 in two weeks, loves to play. He's a different player than our oldest - his game is smooth and precise. He's not a quick player, but he plays his position well, doesn't get penalties and is usually in position to get the "garbage goals" that don't look very pretty, but still count.

Hockey is a lifestyle sport - you don't just sign up your kid and then drop them off at the local rink. Hockey parents usually sacrifice a lot of time and money for their kids to play. And the more talented they are, the more involved it gets. Travel is brutal and the expense is enormous. My family and friends have thought we were crazy all these years living this lifestyle, but the friends we've made, the time we've spend with our kids traveling and seeing every hockey rink in a 500 mile radius has been priceless to us. And to think it's almost over for our high school boys makes me pretty sad.

I wonder if I could design a quilt that looked like a hockey rink....

So I googled it....
Someone already thought of this idea, dangit. And it's pretty perfect.

So. Cute.
I love this quilt!! And my hockey boys will, too. Planning now...
There's a whole bunch of hockey-themed quilts here.

Anyone else made or plans to make a unique sports-themed quilt?


  1. Hockey is getting a bad rap these days due to injuries My husband broke his leg this spring but he is older, out of shape, was overplaying and should have known better. But it is definitely the fastest, intelligent and most exciting sport. I'm sure your boys have gained far more than they've lost from playing. Good on you for the commitment. I've sure you've lugged lots of equipment and clocked lots of miles. P.S. Those quilts are amazing!
    Hopefully, we'll see a Johnson in the Junior Worlds, the Olympics or the NHL in a few years?#!!

  2. Oooh, that's a really fun quilt, you should definitely make your own version :)

  3. I so agree with your statements about hockey being a lifetime sport, as well as a lifetime in friendships. We do not have much of a high school scene here in the Pacific NW, but my son (2nd year PW) has played on spring teams in Canada and his friendships are deeper and more meaningul than any school friendships.

    I, too, drooled over that OCD quilt back. I'd love to see how you navigate it. I am a very new quilter/sewer, it is way beyond my means.



  4. Please make one!! I am a new quilter and with a 3yr old starting hockey this year and a husband still playing, I think this would fit!!

  5. I love the hockey rink quilt. While my kids don't play...we are fans! I made a tshirt quilt from a collection on Milwaukee Admirals shirts and one plain block that all the players signed from last season!


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