Ohio Star Gridlock

CMQG got some amazing news a few weeks ago: we've been asked by the International Quilt Show if we would like to particiapte in our own little exhibit during the Cincinnati show in April. Can you stand it?! Our theme is to make our own interpretation of the Ohio Star. We can litereally do whatever we want - it just has to measure no less than 49x49".

The idea that our quilts will be hanging in the same room with stunning, perfect and mind-blowing masterpieces is both exciting and terrifying for some of us. I'm just plain excited. I don't take my work seriously enough to put any pressure on myself to achieve perfection, so I'm just going to have fun with it. However, I have several issues with this project:

Issue 1: They're due January 1st
Issue 2: I haven't started mine yet.
Issue 3: I've sketched out several designs, but they're all so different, I can't decide which one to do.

Shall I go old school classic, like this one:

Or modern, like this:

Or a wacky and wild artsy quilt, like this one:

Or all-out Nancy Crow, like this one:


I'm leaning towrd something wild and wacky. I think that pulling out my inner-artist and taking a risk might be really fun. I have an idea that I think will be wicked cool if I can figure out how to execute it.  I'll be sure to keep y'all in the loop with this project.  
Have a wonderfully creative weekend, my lovlies!


  1. I kind of like the wacky/artsy idea (I'm not normally that person) - otherwise, I say traditional with bright colors on gray.

  2. Oh....fun! I'm thinking maybe a bit of modern/fun!! I'm sure it will be awesome!

  3. Modern and fun... with a bit of wacky!

  4. How exciting! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I bet it will knock their socks off!!

  5. Congrats! Whatever you make will be good...

  6. Yes to wild and wacky. Go with your gut feeling!


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