Proof That I Should Leave FMQing to the Pros

I'm pathetic at FMQing. I know this, but sometimes I take a stab at it to see if maybe - oh, maybe - this time it'll be different.
I'm just loop-d-looping along with my happy little hands moving my quilt sammich around and feelin' pretty triumphant and....CRACK!

My pitiful self had failed to see the large safety pin in the next section of my quilt and I just loop-d-looped my foot right over that thing. I don't know what scared me more - the loud cracking sound that I was sure was the sound of death for my sweet Janie {Janome} or the projectile sewing needle fragment that hit my cheek, just below my right eye. Holy shiitake mushrooms, ladies.

The needle point, still threaded. Thank goodness that thing didn't fly off and puncture my eye.

These two pics show you how strong Janie is. She crushed that pin head.

And it tore my fabric a little. Can you imagine if this had been a show piece?! Not that I'm ever going to make a show piece, but if I ever had delusions of grandeur to make one, this scenario would be tragic.

But alas, my lovlies. I will try again. And again. And yet again. And maybe someday - good Lord willing - I won't be a pathetic FMQing failure.


  1. I'm glad you didn't get hurt!! I had a needle break when using the long arm machine! Now THAT was a loud noise!

  2. That was your initiation...LOL. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me...

    Keep going!

  3. Glad your OK!! I have the same issues with FMQ. I have started hand quilting and it's so peaceful and relaxing. I'll probably try it again sometime though ....

  4. I'm happy to slowly hand quilt bigger pieces but my machine quilting limit is mini quilt size {pushing it I can whip up a crib quilt---but that's about it}. I'm all for professional help in this department! Good for you for sticking with it.

  5. once i fmq through my finger. i had to pull the thread from my finger. shivers down the spine.

  6. Okay...at first glance at your picture, I thought the needle was through your finger to the other side! I was thinking holy cow that girl is tough to get the camera and take a picture with the needle still in her finger! Then I read your post... ;o)

  7. Stick with it. You WILL get better at FMQing! And better the flying needle than through your finger... or thumb, as I did. Yes, I made a stitch through the tip of my thumb, with the needle still threaded! At the time I was already on antibiotics for a sinus infection, so it turned out okay. But it was pretty gross to unthread the needle and then reverse it out of my thumb!

  8. Am so glad that broken needle stayed threaded!

  9. Yes, I am quite glad you did not lose an eye! The silly thing is that one does not treat a sewing machine like any other tool in the workshop. The truth is, it should be respected, even if you only wear safety goggles! With that said, here is something else you should care about: It is not only the month for Halloween, but breast cancer awareness month!!! Treat yourself or a loved one because you care! I am just stopping by with a reminder to do your self breast exam.
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