Cancer Blows

Yesterday I got the news that my dear friend Ali, whom I've known since 8th grade, has breast cancer.

What the what, man?

I'm so tired of cancer messing with my people. And other people's people. Tired of it.

Good news, though, that they caught it early. She says she'll be okay - and I believe she will be.
She's a tough cookie.

Please keep her in your prayers, y'all.

Leave a comment for Ali if you'd like and I'll be sure to pass them along to her.


  1. She is certainly in my prayers. Cancer is not only affects so many loved ones, but it is down right rude!

  2. So sorry about your friend Ali. Am sending her lots of long distance warm wishes!

  3. Keeping your friend in my thoughts! So glad they caught it early. Cancer sucks!

  4. So sorry about your friend Ali having to go through this! I am glad they caught it early. My dog got diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer this week. Nothing as bad as your friend, but also a bummer.

  5. Ali hang in there! My bestie went thru the same 2 yrs ago. Last week they did reconstruction surgery she's doing great! Be praying for you!!


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