Passing the Time

Today was an emotional day. My sweet friend Ali, whom I've known since middle school, had a radical mastectomy. Surgery went well, thank God. My dearest friend started the battle of her life today. And even though I'm fairly certain she will be okay, it crushes me - absolutely breaks my heart - that she has to fight this. Chemo for four months and breast reconstruction.

Big sigh.

So when I went to the hospital today to wait with Ali's family, I took some hexies to pass the time. I'm working on a baby quilt that will be really girly, really sweet. Just like Ali.

I keep the hexie templates and the fabric in this special box. It came from Paris and it was filled with Lauduree macarons - amazing cookies that were absolute perfection. Our friends Sanjay and Amy brought them back for us after a trip a few weeks ago. It's the perfect size to take along.

I can stick a neat little stack of both templates and fabric along with a needle, small spool of thread and embroidery scissors. Perfect!
I'm not a huge fan of needlework, but these little hexies are easy and fast to put together. And it's gratifying to watch your stack of finished ones get bigger and bigger. I'm glad I took on this project - it's a good lesson in pushing myself to learn and perfect a new skill.

 Keep Ali in your prayers. Keep her two little babies in your prayers. And check yourselves, my lovlies.


  1. Am so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope her treatment goes extremely well... On a lighter note your hexies are residing in a very glamourous box!

  2. So sorry to hear about Ali. Please have faith that miracles are found in modern medicine. I know many women who are survivors. And I count one friend with Stage IV BC among them.

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend...but today there are wonderful treatments with great success stories and I'm sure your friend will be on of them!!! She will be all the better for having a wonderful supportive friend like you!

    Yes, I too take my hexie project with me....even to places some of my friends 'roll their eyes' at me!!!

  4. Oh, pooh on the surgery!! I'm glad it all went well, but what a bummer.

    And just to make you laugh a little - I will feel myself up in the morning! :)

  5. Prayers and blessings heading Ali's way (for her fam, too!) Our family had good stuff to pray for and bless today, but prayers and good wishes still need for the next three weeks. You are a true, wonderful friend. Ali's gonna need that.

    The box is lovely, and you will find yourself getting hooked on those little "take-along" projects! Take care, friend!

  6. I'm sorry to hear abput your friend...it's so hard to watch loved ones suffer...keep looking up! Love your hexies...I need to get mine finished ....it's been in the works waaayyy too long.

  7. i know what you are going through. my best friend from high school (we have known each other for 34 years!) went through the same thing this summer and just had a successful reconstruction surgery. it really makes you focus on the good in your life and from WHERE your joy comes from!

    it helped me when i knew that this whole time, she was in God's hands. Matthew 6:26 was a real comfort. because i knew if He would care and protect and feed the lowliest of creatures...then surely He was with my friend!

  8. So sorry to hear about your friend. Praying for a speedy and complete recovery.


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