Hexie English Paper Piecing Tutorial

So here I am, knee deep in 2" hexies. My hands ache a little, but I'm still bangin' these little babies out at a fairly rapid pace.  And it hits me - maybe you all want to know how to make them, too! Well, my lovlies, here ya go:

Thread, scissors, needle. I cut my 2" hexie cardstock templates with my AccuQuilt {not sure I should have done that, but I did it.} I prefer someone/something else do this intricate, precise cutting as this is not my strongest skill. You can purchase rulers, templates and pre-cut paper pieces. Connecting Threads has a great selection. There are also free printable templates on Google images.
Start with a square of fabric that is 1" larger than your hexie. For example, I used a 3" square of fabric for my 2" hexie. Center the template on the wrong side of the fabric square.
You can pin the fabric to the middle of the template to secure it if it helps you. After you do a few, you'll quickly create some muscle memory and won't need the pin. I'm right handed, so I'll be moving around the hexie to my left. If you're left handed, you'll want to do the opposite. Start with the top raw edge of the fabric square. Fold it over 1/4" and pinch in place with your thumb.
Moving to the next angle of the hexie, again fold over the raw edge 1/4" and pinch.
Catch each flap with the needle, making sure to never go through the template underneath. At no time will you ever pierce the paper template.
Pull the thread through leaving a little tail.
Go back through the same spot to lock the stitch in place.

Move to the next angle.

Repeat the double stitch. Work around the rest of the hexie repeating the fold/pinch/stitch process. For the last flap, tuck it under the first flap and secure it with the double stitch and then knot off the thread and clip.
All of the flaps will lay neatly underneath each other and when pressed, will be nice and crispy.
You can press these with a dry iron with the template in them. The template will stay inside the hexie until you're ready to piece or applique them.

I'll show you more on that on Monday. I'll be sharing another AccuQuilt tutorial for a quick and easy project giving big style to an inexpensive, everyday item. Stay tuned! 


  1. Great tutorial Andie! Did the card stock dull your Accuquilt die? You are inspiring me to try a hexagon quilt although I think larger ones...

  2. I'm sure it will dull it. But I know myself well enough to know that I will never want to make a whole quilt with 2" hexie pieces that are pieced with Y-seams. The larger sizes {3" and 5"} I won't use to cut paper because I'd love to use them for applique and Y-seam piecing.

  3. Did you get tired of me asking you how to make hexies? Thanks for the tute! I will check at school to see if the die cut machine has hexies..then it won't dull the Accuquilt.

    Awesome as usual!

  4. I'm so glad you are doing this Andie because these things have always been a mystery to me. Probably life's greatest mystery... hexies.

  5. Love your method for making hexies!! I've always thought that they looked just too complicated/difficult, but after seeing your tutorial, I definitely think I'm going to give them a try! Can't wait to see what's up next! :-)

  6. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial. I hae been wanting to try this technique

  7. Thanks you for showing this tutorial. Do you have another on how to piece them together?


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