Time For Some Order

I have a bi-polar organizational style. Sometimes the deep desire for order and efficiency drive me nearly mad.  And then, just like that, my inner artist takes over and the need for order and organization gets lost in the need to create, the need to let go of rules and expectations and dive into the waters of fantasy and unrestrained...whatever.

Well, the anal retentive side of me came a-knockin' last week and demanded that I clean up my studio. It needs it, really. As I plot and scheme for a space outside of my home {that includes a longarm, ahem}, I must make due with the tight, dimly lit space allotted to me in the corner of our basement. Sigh.

I bought one of those big, sexy rulers a few weeks ago. You know - the big daddy that's 8.5"x24"? Oh my. He's the new man in my life, and he's everything I thought he could be. And more.

Case in point:  organizing my fabric stash. Looks icky, eh?

Why, as clever as I think I am some days, did I never think of this before?
I'll show you what I've started.....

Look at him. In this case, size does matter.

You fabric-holics, please don't lick the screen.

So, the great tidy continues over the next few weeks. Will keep you posted.


  1. Oh Andie.....I soooo get it!

    I'm licking the screen anyway!!! HA!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  2. Hey, when I get all moved and unpacked, come organize mine... That will cure ya for the rest of the year...LOL

  3. I'm licking the screen too!!! Merry Christmas...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You inspire and make me smile.


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