Box Full O' Color

This box of charm packs came yesterday. It's from the wonderful peeps at Robert Kaufman.  They're providing Kona Solids charm packs for our Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild to do with them what we please. We all voted for our favorite colorway and we all, by a landslide, chose the BRIGHT pack.

 I'm sure it might be mildly interesting for you all to see this box of charm packs - I mean come on...it's 2 stacks of rainbow happiness. The only thing that could make this better is a unicorn.
But the real reason I'm posting this is to....sigh.....keep me honest. I'm crazy tempted to act like I never got this in the mail. What? You sent that package of 30 charm packs last week? Really? That's odd - 'cause I never got it. Can you send another?

So, yeah. They're here. In my house. And they don't belong to me. {Repeat 3x every time I look at them}



  1. Oh man! Tonight was going to be my first ever meeting and I can't make it. Womp, womp... :(

  2. When I saw the picture on the blogroll I thought, I bet she's tempted to keep them all!! Danielle

  3. They look wonderful! And Kaufmann is still giving away charm packs for that MQG "Solids Challenge"? It would definitely be something our MQG Des Moines Chapter would be interested in doing, since we didn't organize until after the challenge came out.

  4. Aw crappin crapper! I can't make it tonight so save me one!!

  5. They really are pretty! Be strong.

  6. Stay strong. I wish I could be there for the challenge. Miss you guys.


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