Design Wall Monday

This really isn't much of a design, but rather my collection of test blocks and extra blocks that I've been saving over the last year. I intend to make a quilt from them, something that will more for function rather than form. I like the idea of a quilt made from blocks and pieces that I've made from other projects, kind of a memory quilt of sorts. And the scrappy quality of what will come from piecing all of these odds and ends will be kinda fun!

I put them up on the wall to play with them a little. I need to gauge how it will go together and what kind of smaller pieces I'll need to link them all together. It's a little like putting a puzzle together!
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  1. that will be fun to put together... yep, it'll be like a puzzle... but a fun one!

  2. Those ny beauties kill me! Teach me your ways Andie! Ps. Thanks for stopping by the shop last week- best part of my day :)

  3. What a fun little tease - there are some gems in there!


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