Design Wall Monday

This is for my Ali. I asked friends and family to contribute a square with their signature and well wishes so I could put them together in a quilt that she could wrap herself in and feel the love that everyone has for her.

This has been an emotional project. And she told me on Thursday - her 38th birthday - that the cancer has most likely spread to her ovaries. For the first time since she told me she has breast cancer, I'm scared. Really scared. 

I'm in the process of quilting this today and will get it to her in the next day or two. I've sashed it in white and will bind it in a pink floral. I'll post pics of the finished quilt soon.

This is your reminder, ladies. Check your ta-tas. Really get up in there and root around on a regular basis. Mkay?


  1. It looks so lovely, what a thoughtful quilt full of love.

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend having her cancer spread...the quilt is lovely and she will be thrilled to receive it. I agree it is a very emotional journey and you are a great friend to be so supportive.

  3. Hugs... I'll say a prayer for Ali... be sure to sew in some extra love from me!

    Cancer sucks

  4. What a wonderful quilt! I'll include you and your friend in my prayers - and I agree with Jean cancer sucks!

  5. Oh Andie what heartbreaking news... By the way, the quilt is gorgeous...

  6. That is a beautiful quilt!! I will pray it has healing powers and the cancer goes away!! Hugs to you and your friend.


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