Burp Cloths - Tutorial

I love to give handmade gifts, especially for baby. I got to make a bib, burp cloth and bootie set for my friend, Marla, who needed it to give to her friend.

These are super-easy and fast.  I give a set of 3 of these. Cloth diapers are packaged in sets of 10 or 12 and I paid about $16 for a package at Target. I did not pre-wash them.

What you need:
3 cloth diapers {I bought Gerber pre-fold 6-ply. Don't buy the gauze ones}
3 strips of fabric that measure at least 7" x 20" 
Coordinating thread
Walking foot if you have one

Start with ironing the diapers with heavy steam to make them as flat as possible.

To determine how wide your fabric strip should be, measure the chunkiest part of the diaper. I did this up against the window to make it easier to see. These are about 5" wide.

I cut my strips down to 6" x 20". {You can skip the cutting and just fold in the raw edges until you have the right width to fit your diaper.} I then folded each long raw edge in 1/2" and pressed them.

Pin the strip to your diaper.

For the ends: fold each end under so that the folded edge is parallel to the edge of the diaper. Tuck the folded part up under and pin in place.

This is what is looks like when all pinned.

Edgestitch all the way around the fabric strip. I used coordinating threads colors for this.

I also did a zig zag stitch along the ends of the diaper. It just makes it look a little more finished.

This one uses 3 pieces of coordinating fabric. Same technique, but I pieced 3 different fabrics into a strip.

And here are the bibs and burp cloths. I forgot to take a picture of the booties I made. {They were pretty dang cute}  The template for the bib is here. I backed them with pre-washed chenille, which makes them extra-nubby and soft.

So, for less than $20, I made a set of very useful, cute as button items that the recipient will be thrilled to know were handmade. Keep these supplies on hand to make sets for friends and family. Or you can make these sets and sell them!


  1. Great tutorial and gift idea! Thanks Andie!

  2. Hi, I know this posting is over a year old, but I just found your blog. This is a great tutorial! Just wanted to mention that you suggested selling these, but the link for the bib pattern says not to sell using her pattern. Oops!

  3. Would like to see how to sew a bib and cloth diaper cover. Thanks, Nilda Gerena


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