Design Wall Monday. Sort of.

photo courtesy of trueup

So I've got a new gig at a sweet, little quilt shop here in Cincy called Lavender Street. I'm so excited about this venture - Debbie, the owner, has basically handed over the entire teaching program to me and said "run with it!"

So the other day I had a meeting planned with Debbie at the shop. When I went in, she was just finishing up a meeting with a fabric rep. There were what seemed to be hundreds of samples all over the place! I was immediately drawn to the Anna Griffin samples - specifically the The Honoka Collection. Oh. My.

It's so delicious! Anna Griffin fabrics are silky and thick and the colors are very rich and bold. This line is a mix of feed sack vintage, a little bit of Asian zing and modern geometrics. The steely blue/gray and the deep plum are incredibly sophisticated, mixed with a touch of flora and fauna that make it very sweet and versatile.

After oohing and ahhing over this line, Debbie asked me if she should carry it. I was like "uh yeah" and she was like "okay" and the rep was like "let's do it".

So I got to pick a fabric line that Lavender Street will carry. It was a bit of a thrill, I gotta say, like I'm part of a monumental quilting and sewing decision that will shape the industry. I know - I need to get out more.

This collection will be used by yours truly. A lot. I want to make bags, quilts and home dec pieces with this stuff.  I want a FQ bundle that I just use as an objet d'art on my coffee table. Can't wait 'till it arrives!


  1. Oh my gosh- I love that. It's like Denyse Schmidt meets Joel Dewberry- best of both worlds on that. I had had some Anna Griffin fabrics before and they were great quality. I always wonder why she is not a bigger name. Hopefully that is changing.

  2. Ooh - totally spot on with the Schmidt/Dewberry thing. Good one, MLB.

  3. LOVE that! The colors are yummy, as are the patterns...

    Run with it on the classes? How awesome!

  4. sweet!! next time i;m up in the 'nati visiting my mom, i'm going to come in!


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