Solid Score and Stealing from a Quilt Shop

I don't usually go to Tuesday Morning to shop, mostly because I'm not a shopper, but also because I haven't had good luck there. My quilty friend Mary Lane Brown (whom I affectionately refer to as MLB) loves her some Tuesday Morning. She's had great luck there with quilting tools, like a Dresden Plate ruler for like $2. So after running into Lowe's yesterday to pick up paint for the powder room (Valspar Lyndhurst Rich Brown in eggshell, in case you were wondering) I popped into the Tuesday Morning across the street before I headed home to see if I could channel MLB's luck.

SCORE! I found this pack of 100% cotton dinner napkins - 12 of them for less than $20. They measure a generous 20"x20" and the colors are fantastic. They're not a super-heavy weight, but they feel nice and are grouped in a pre-coordinated bundle for a project. I snatched it up and am now plotting an art project I've had in mind, inspired my my guild friend Sue. Actually, if you kind of squint at the picture, wouldn't that be an amazing quilt design?! Recording in sketch book now...

And this morning I ran over to Lavender Street to pick out fabrics and notions to make samples for some classes we have scheduled. What a crazy experience it is to walk into a shop, pick out patterns, fabric and all the notions I need for two projects and walk out without paying for them. I know this isn't a new concept for those who make samples for classes, but I kinda felt like I was stealing from them!  I'm sure that feeling will wear off after I've made a dozen samples for classes, but for now, I feel like I'm breakin' the law and the po-po's comin' after me.

 We have these 2 projects planned in March and a few other classes in the works with teachers like the one and only Kelly Biscopink 

I'll post pics of the finished samples along with details for the classes in case any of you Greater Cincinnatians want to partake. Stay tuned!


  1. I am still praying for discontinued Amy butler in those Rowan fq bundles. Isn't it funny how sewing makes textiles take on a completely different value to you than other people?

  2. I learned how to sew bags directly from Nancy of Pink Sand Beach Designs! She does a really good job of explaining things in her patterns (and makes you wish Amy Butler bag patterns could seem so simple!). If you end up doing a class for one of her bigger bags, I have an old tutorial on my bloggity blog showing how she makes her straps, which I've found to be the most sturdy/best out of all the bag patterns I've tried.

  3. What a great score! I'm feeling kinda jealous!

    When I had my quilt shop, we featured that Swing Bag - and I swear I think I sold 100 copies of the patter and TONS of Fusible.... and Zippers... better tell your shop owners to stock up! If people haven't seen that bag before, they'll go CRAZY for it! Pink Sand rocks!

  4. I love it when you can find stuff like that! I've got a couple of quilt things there too, I love Tuesday Morning!

  5. last time i was in there i SCORED! i found a fq pack (don't remember the line, but it was westminster), it was huge and when i googled it it was worth $85. i got it for $25. i also got tons of notions for 75% off.

  6. Bwahahahaahaha... you're such the juvvie!


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