Summer Planning

I'm thinking about summer. Yes, yes I am. I'm ready. I keep looking out the window to my sad, brown, dead backyard and just imaging the gardens full of edibles and blooms, the pond full of fish and water lilies and the living area on our back deck put together in a sumptuous and inviting way. And don't forget the margaritas

This year we're building an outdoor daybed and adding big, plump cushions to the bench that's built in to the side that provides seating for our huge, teak dining table. This is kinda what I want the bed to look like:


And we bought a ton of outdoor fabric with a groupon deal we got for a local decorator fabric place. {I thought quilting fabric was expensive. Sheesh.} We got these 3 fabrics:

To make cushions for the daybed, the bench that's next to the pond{above} and the long bench that we use for the dining table. {left}

I want it to look like it's a picture right out of Williams-Sonoma catalog. Pretty ambitious since I've never made cushions before. Can't be that hard, right? {knock on wood}

When I get ready to make them, I'll be sure to share the process with you.

And I'm going through the seed catalogs too. Will start some pretty soon - mostly cool weather veggies and perennials.

Anyone else thinking about summer?

1 comment:

  1. Of course! I'm always thinking about summer. ^^

    I'm excited to see how your project comes out. It should be lovely (great fabric!) and don't worry about cushions. Quilting is much more demanding and precise then cushions. You'll do fine! If you're really worried practice on some muslin first. Yay outside!


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