Design Wall Monday - Restoring a Vintage Hexie

I found this twin-size Grandma's Garden at an antique mall near my house. My friend Kelly kinda talked me into it - but only if I could talk them down on the price. I got them down to $40, which isn't a steal, considering it's only a top, but still a pretty big score for a vintage quilt lover like me.

It wasn't until I got it home that I realized that the entire thing is hand pieced. Whoa.
Honestly, I wouldn"t know how to date this thing. I'm guessing 60s, but I'm really not sure. I L.O.V.E the blue background color. As you can see, it needs finishing. I'm thinking about just keeping the blue as is, minus the hexies on the bottom left of the picture that someone tried to match, and add white or cream hexies on all sides and square it off.
Any other suggestions?

And this is what I pulled out of the dryer this morning after washing a Moda Bella red jelly roll. I'm not a big pre-wash fan, but this thing had so much fuzz falling off it that I couldn't not wash it. What a hot mess.
Anyone wanna share your pre-wash techniques for jelly rolls?


  1. gurl ya not supposed to wash a pre-cut! That fuzz is just from the cutting process. Take a lint roller to it and start sewing.

    As far the hexie top- awesome. I might be tempted to quilt it as is then cut off the very very edge of the outside row so that you don't have a ton of angles and give it an irregular bias binding. Why? Because learning how to bind an irregular angle sounds much easier than making more hexies...and I'm LAZY!

  2. Gurl - sometimes my brain just don't work so good. I've worked with jelly rolls before, but the fuzz on this thing was outta control. I honestly thought I had no other option but to wash it and de-fuzz it in the dryer. What a freaking mess.

  3. I would have washed it too, because it's red, and you don't want it to bleed into a quilt. I probably would have put it in a lingerie bag, that way it would'nt have gotten all tangled.

  4. next time you get a fuzz monster you should just pop it in the dryer and pray your lint filter likes you.

  5. I still stand by my decision to force you to buy this quilt. It's freaking gorgeous, and I am thinking about creating a distraction and then stealing it. I like the idea of finishing it with cream hexes and squaring it up. It's. Just. Delicious. nom nom nom nom nom


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