Fabric from a Most Unlikely Place

Old Navy.

I found this in the clearance section for $8.
The colors are delicious - very retro feedsack. It's 100% cotton and it's a XXL - lots of surface area on this thing.
The flowers are set against a cream background and the bright colors are tamed a bit by the little touch of gray {isn't that a Grateful Dead song?}.

I see flying geese in this shirt's repurposed future.
Mmmmm. Flying geese.


  1. It almost reminds me of an old Liberty of London print. Actually, you're getting down to tradition by upcycling. I can't wait to see it all in action!

  2. Totally spot on with the Liberty print. How very brilliant of you, Miss Jean! {Imagine I said that in a British accent}

  3. Great fabric! Great bargain! Can't wait to see it in a quilt.

  4. I've done this before! and we just had a conversation at our MQG meeting about finding fabric in unsuspecting places.sources...

  5. Wow that shirt is simply fantastic! Will swing by Old Navy later and see if I have the same luck...

  6. I just bought that shirt on Sunday, with the intention of wearing it..may have to cut it up now!

  7. Haha, I bought that shirt too but to wear. If you make a quilt out of it, I promise to wear my shirt to the guild meeting you show it. :-)


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