Hey you! Take this Survey

I'm looking for some info. Can you help a sistah out?

10 questions - quick and painless. Blippity blap.

to answer my very unscientific, but potentially helpful, set of sewing and quilting questions.


Ting Ting and I thank you!


  1. I don't think I've told you this yet, but I'm a huge sucker for goldie pups - you can post a picture any time you want! ;)

  2. Cute...and I took the survey.

  3. I took your poll but definitly sewing clothes is my least favorite because always having to modify the pattern to fit properly. I love your picture of the pup!

  4. Aw... I just want to smooch that big ol' schnoz!

  5. You might want to fix your "other" button, on types of education programs I'd like to learn. I couldn't select other and was forced to select an answer that isn't true.

  6. done!!

    can you please turn off your word verification, sorry if i asked already but it drives me nuts!!


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