A Mug Rug and a Cuppa Crazy

We have our Mug Rug Swap next week for Cincy MQG and I'm participating. I've been scouring the internet for ideas and trying to figure out what to do. Should I try my hand at a new skill? Should I do something wacky and whimsical or play it a little safe with a clean and crisp block? Hmmm...

Well, I've decided to make a few different ones. I'm in a prayer group with 2 other ladies who think that I'm a sewing rock star {they don't know that many people who sew, so...} and they're both coffee drinkers. Why not throw together a few of these for some of the most important people in my life? A fellow CMQGer and my prayer girls. And maybe even a few more for some ladies in my life who might appreciate a little token of cheer?

The one in the picture that I'm quilting is a leftover block from another project. It's a paper-pieced New York Beauty block {which I designed and made the template for, thankyouverymuch}. I think I'm also gonna use some leftover hexie blocks and my new 60-degree triangle ruler to make some of the other ones. Ooh - and I have a stash of Japanese X blocks that I know I'll probably never finish into a quilt. Oh and my Quick Curve Ruler from Jenny - might have to make one of those Urban 9-patch blocks. I'll be working on these all weekend - I'll post pics on Monday!

I've been getting some crazy comments on my blog lately. Don't you hate that? I've been trying to delete them as soon as I know they're posted, but sometimes I can't get to Blogger fast enough for my liking. So until these inappropriate comments/spam slow down or stop, I'm gonna have to moderate all comments for awhile. Sorry for the inconvenience, my lovelies. It is what it is, right?

Have a great weekend! Sew something pretty!


  1. That New York Beauty block is to die for!

  2. I disallowed anonymous posters ( I see you have NOT). That killed any spam except what flies to the spam inbox before I ever see it.

    If it is just mean people then at least make them put a name to it...and then of course dish to me about it! hahaha

  3. Umm, you are a rock star.

    I had the same comment issue for a while, some of them got tagged as spam, but not all. Crazy stuff.

    BTW, is that block brown and white or black and white?

  4. I've been getting a few weird comments lately too, fortunately a lot of the time they do come to my email as comments but don't actually go up on the blog. It is a pain though!!

  5. Doris - it's black and white.

  6. I just love the black and white. So crisp!


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