My College Roomie's Blog Will Inspire You!

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My most favorite college roommate, Joanne {Josie to her groupies} has opened a design firm in her beloved Seattle. She's one of the sweetest, funniest and prettiest people I've ever met. By all accounts, I shouldn't like her.

But, I ~heart~ her.

Joanne is so special to me. I don't think she has a clue of what her friendship meant to me during our days at Ohio State. She was so much fun! And she dressed like a model - gorgeous clothes and shoes that she paired effortlessly into sleek or funky outfits. She has flawless taste. Flawless. And she's got this crazy mix of southern charm-meets-yankee no-nonsense. Again, I should be insanely jealous of her, but I ~heart~ her.

Check out her blog

She and her partners Brooke and Ann blog about design and lifestyle yumminess. And you MUST check out the wedding they planned for Joanne's little sister. Just lovely.

Jo - I miss you terribly! Hope to see you soon, my love!


  1. I will go check it out! I didn't know you were from this part of the world; I live in Cincinnati! :)

  2. Andie! I know exactly what you mean! She is just as yummy now- plus an amazing mom and business partner....and what a great laugh she has:). Don't know what I'd do without her.
    Thx for the Blue Box Workshop shout!
    Xxx Annie


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