Design Wall Monday

These are blocks I made this past winter for one of the gals in my One Block Over bee. They're improv blocks and, let me tell you, they were a challenge.

Kinda hard to step outside of the cozy confines of rules and order. It's intimidating to just slice into fabric with no plan and hope for the best. Made my hiney pucker a little.

But after letting go, allowing myself to just....create...with no plan felt really good. How exciting it would be to make a whole bunch of blocks with no idea of how they'll end up, but have a vague idea that they'll work together in the end!

You can see the beginnings of how the blocks work together. The first picture is of the blocks seperately. The second is them overlapping a little to create one block.

I'm ordering a boatload of solids today to make a quilt like this one. I. Can't. Wait to dive into this project!!


  1. I have difficulty "letting go". It's funny, because I sew by myself and it can always be undone. Why is that?

    Love this. Need to do it more often and need to let go more. That's when i learn the most about myself and the craft.

  2. Be careful ... once you figure out how to "let go" ... you may never want to come back ;-)

    Even if it was a challenge for you, I love the block you created. You definitely have a talent for this style. Remember, "jump ... and the net will appear." I predict a great quilt design coming from those solids.

  3. These are yummy. It probably feels good to be loose after the rigors of making more structured quilts for your book... Looking forward to seeing where this project goes!


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