IQF Shopping Loot

Basket from Uganda

A sweet little pouch kit from Sue Spargo and her hilarious and sweet posse.

A leather thimble and the other Ugandan basket

Half-yard cuts of South African fabric.

FQs from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr's booth

Hand-dyed fabric from Marcia Derse. This is a pack of squares of her current line. So, so delicious.

The 4 FQs I won at the Modern Meet Up on Saturday night from Spoonflower.

And 3 gift certificates for FQS from Spoonflower, too!

Yes, we did see the quilts. I took some photos that I'll be sharing ober the next weeks as examples of techniques and design that I'd like to learn.

Can't wait to dive into that Sue Spargo kit!! I got a chance to meet her and her daughter Kelly and friends Cathy and Vicki. So, so sweet and hilarious!


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