My Birfday Present to Myself

Ain't she a beaut?
She was my stepmonster's machine - a Singer Touch 'N' Sew 756.
With the table, no less.
She's a bit dusty and she needs a good tune up, but she'll do just fine.
Oh yes. She'll do just fine.

I snagged her from my dad's basement. She was sittin' in the corner...all alone. She needed a good home. And I couldn't think of anyplace better than back home in Ohio with me.
She's solid - good sturdy hips and a strong back. She's a workhorse, I can tell.

Dropping her of at the spa today. Cost is no object in the restoration of this American Beauty. It's a present to myself this 39th birthday.
Can't wait to turn her on, step on her gas and watch her do her thing.


  1. I've asked my mom to hang onto her old Singer now that she bought herself a new machine. I can't wait to place it in my future craft room to help hold onto the memories of her teaching me how to sew.

  2. Great rescue--she'll do you proud, I'm sure!

  3. she is quite handsome. love the aqua and the desk.

  4. She is a beauty! Happy Birfday!

  5. Awww - you have a new friend and she is a be-a-yuty! Happy Birthday too! You can sew if you want to.

  6. So glad she ended up in such a good home... Happy birthday!

  7. My mom had one of these when I was little.

    Hey - we need to get together. I'm hoping our time is getting short. But then I've been saying that for 4 months now...

  8. I still haven't figured out all of this blog/pinterest/twitter crap, but I'm TRYING to tell you that you CRACK ME THE F UP!!!


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