Palette Picked

Remember the shirt I bought last week? Well, I picked out some yummy Bella solids to round out a palette for a flying geese quilt. I have a vision of a minimalist design set against a creamy muslin background. I'm totally into the whole modern-meets-traditional thing these days.

I also got to hang out with my friend Jessica and my new friend Rachael while at the quilt store. What a hoot these chicks are! And the creativity they carry around in their heads is kinda humbling. Once again I marvel at how my sewing circle grows everyday.

Jessica brought a quilt to one of our CincyMQG meetings a few months ago made from Essex linen and some Echino prints. Dang, that quilt is so dee-lish. I HAD to have me some of that Essex linen!

So yesterday, I got some. Mmmmmm. You guys would be so proud - I didn't even lick it or put it near my mouth. (For those of you new here, I have a little bit of a fabric chewing/licking/mouthing thing. Don't judge me, mkay?)

Look at that weave. Oooof, it make me wanna cry. And it's. So. Soft.  Sigh.

I'll be ok.

I'll be using this fabric for my "No Prints Allowed" project for CincyMQG (which is due at our May meeting...ack!) I'm making a bigger version of this quilt.

Must finish some other projects before I start these, though. My ~To Do~ list is making me sweat.

Have a great weekend, my little lovlies!


  1. The only Essex linen I have is a BRIGHT orange and a navy... it is lovely stuff. I'm coveting your black tweedy color...

  2. hehehehe :) i am very glad to have met you!! and that essex linen is SO delish... i sewed with some of it myself last night!

  3. Oh, I just bought some Essex linen too! It will be my first try quilting with it. I'm a pre-wash gal and glad I washed the Essex. Three yards shrunk to two yards and 32 inches. A lot! Do keep that in mind if you ever plan to wash the item you make. Love your shirt print and Bella solids. Have fun with that.

  4. I love the texture of that linen... This is going to be gorgeous as usual!

  5. ooooooh Andie. You came and you gave without taking and I sent you away. ooooooh Andie, you held me and stopped me from shaking, and I need you today, oooooooooooooooh Andieeeee.

  6. Love your color pallet....so pretty. I'm gonna have to get some of that Essex..you've tempted me for sure!


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