Feedback Needed

Remember this kit I bought at IQF Cincinnati? Well, this is new territory for me. It's the most adorable zippered pouch with appliqued flowers. Just delish. Wanna bite it.

So, I ask you, my intelligent, crafty and talented readers, um, how do I make this?

Just kidding.

This pattern is made from the most delicious wool felt and cotton fabric. Some if it is pieced by machine and some of it is appliqued by hand with freezer paper.  I've been researching how to do the freezer paper applique online, but I can't find much on wool felt applique in the "free tutorial" category.

Here's where I need help:
1. What kind of thread do I use with this?
2. Anyone know of a good online tutorial on wool felt applique?

And feel free to make fun of me, as well, for trying to do this on my own. I don't have time for a class right now and I wanna make this thing yesterday.


  1. Have you checked YouTube? I get a lot of info there. I really like seeing them perform the technique in video. That makes it easier for me. They have videos for all kinds of sewing, quilting, appliqué and such. Good luck.

  2. I've never sewn with wool and I have an intense fear of zippers. I would guess that cotton thread would be fine.




  3. Sue S recommends Matching wool thread but in a pinch use any matching color thread in a whip stitch but take a bigger bite into the appliqué since the weave is looser than cotton. Sue gives a demonstration on her episode of "The Quilt Show".

  4. Found this tutorial online:
    Also you could always check out episode #810 at www.thequiltshow.com and watch Sue Spargo herself!
    Hope this helps...

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with it:)

  6. Oh - you guys are the best!

    Very helpful. Had to figure out how to use the freezer paper when doing applique. Will share what I learned as I go.


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