Camera MIA

So, yeah.

I've actually been doing some sewing that I wanted to share with you and.....

I can't find my stinkin' camera.
It's hiding from me.
(Insert angry face here)
Will share my stuff when I find the little bugger.

In the meantime...

I'm planning to make a quilt from this block

so it looks like it belongs in this room

Dang that's a yummy room.

Wanna take a nap on that bed.
And the little pops of chartreuse - mmmmm.

Pulling fabric today for this.
Will take pictures of my choices....eventually.


  1. I would never leave that room! Looking forward to seeing what you're making... Please find that camera!

  2. dont you hate it when that happens? I too love the beachy look. my sons are grown and gone, and i am alone in my house, so i am in the process of painting most of the wood furniture white. i bought a light blue sofa and love seat. all the trim and moldings are going white, and when i can snag the boys for a day, my walls will miraculously turn to a nice creamy yellow. just beachy is on the way! hope you find your camera soon!

  3. Hmm. Those blocks look awfully familiar! Now that we're living in our new house (one week!) and I have my brand new sewing machine set up, this is a quilt I need to pick up again. So sorry about the camera. Do you have a smart phone that can substitute? Love the looks of that bedroom. I'm totally into light bedroom colors, which is why our new bedroom set is white. It's the perfect backdrop for a colorful quilt.


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