Kalamazoo Gem

My sweet and brave friend Ali is in Kalamazoo, Michigan this week with her husband. This morning she sent me a picture of a quilt that I just had to share with you all!

She found this gem of a quilt at the Garden Gate Bakery. Look at those delicious sweets! And the floral border is just precious. I'm usually not a huge fan of a lot of embellishments, but the use of ric rac, trims and buttons is just perfect. Oh, and I love how the quiltmaker used quilting to add dimension and interest to the cakes - pretty ingenius.

Just look at this - what a savvy way to dress a table:
Vintage milk glass vase with a bright red bloom set atop a very modern yet reltrolicious damask printed tablecloth. Mmmm.

You know, this is the kind of place that creates memories. It's the kind of place that children remember visiting well into their adulthood and this is the kind of place that makes owning a small business look effortless.  The decor, the logo, the beautiful sweets in the display case - oh man...I wish I was there with Ali right now.


  1. Hugs to your friend Ali... and thank her for sharing that quilt. it really made me smile. Love it! And those cupcake hats? Too fun Hahaha!!!!!!

  2. That cake quilt is gorgeous! Wish I was going to Kalamazoo soon...

  3. The quilter who made the quilt has a blog that I also follow called "sewn with Grace." I hope to make it to the cafe this summer. I found it and her blog b/c of that quilt. I made a version of it myself and she modified the pattern for the cupcake domes.

  4. A blogging friend directed me to your site today. Thank you for the wonderful compliments on my quilt and for the kind words about the cafe. The owner, Nancy, who is my friend/employer will be so pleased to hear them. I wish I could meet your friend and you. Sweet blessings today!

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