Glue-Baste-It is my new BFF

So this is the basting glue I was talking about. I found it at my LQS (which is within walking distance of my house but I don't really go into much as it has an unfriendly, judgemental vibe). 

Made by Roxanne and called Glue-Baste-It.
 It's water soluable, pH neutral and dries clear. It's meant to literally baste something. This is not a glue, but rather a liquid pin. It comes with two tips - one about 2" long and one about 1" long.

I positioned my first applique piece on the wool base and let it dry. Amazing - it holds nicely without rigidity.

I started my sad applique stitches.
I know better than to think that my first hand-applique project would look flawless, so I just did what I know, which is to say that I stitched the best I could and hoped for the best.

Here's the first piece all stitched up. Not terrible, but not great.

I peeled off the freezer paper.

And this is how it looked. Again, not terrible, but not too bad.

Then I positioned the other two pieces and glue-basted them to the wool. I'm currently stitching these pieces as I find the time.

So, my lovlies, what did I learn?
That a small bottle of glue-baste costs about $9.
Glue-basting something is super-easy and super-fast.
My handstitching is sad, which deep down I already knew. 
That this little zippered pouch will take me awhile to complete.


  1. Nothing sad about the stitching... The print looks great against the wool and I like the precision of the applicator tip. Must try this!

  2. Can't live without my Roxanne's baste glue! It's a life-saver - I've tried a couple of other ones that are on the market/often recommended, but I keep coming back to Roxanne's! (Have you tried the Roxanne's needles? They're pretty great, too!)


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