Fabric, a Medallion and Fresh Lemons

 I pulled some fabrics for a quilt that I mentioned last week using the block below. I love this color combo - grays, teals and a pop of chartreuse. I think I might use white for the background. I made a project for my upcoming modern quilt book using a similar combo (gray geometric prints against a muted teal solid) and I seriously can't wait to get it back to so I can use it. (It's still in the UK with my other quilt babies.) I absolutely love the masculine side of this color combo with a little snap of whimsy with the bright green. Must find more green fabric before I start this....

The block that I'll use to make a delicious quilt from the above fabrics.

And remember this girl? This medallion quilt has been sitting quietly in my living room armoire, waiting to be finished. Only I haven't quite decided one two things:
1. Do I like the bright orange border or do I need to change it?
2. How to quilt this sweet thing. By hand? Send it to THE Jenny Pedigo and see what she would do?

I'm very conflicted about this, people. I don't really like handwork, but the combo of such a folk-art inspired motif combined with some yummy hand quilting in a rainbow of colors would be quite divine. But I also think the right all-over quilting would be nice too.


And tomorrow - I almost can't sit still thinking about this - Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons is coming to give a workshop for our Cincy MQG!! Can you stand it?! She's so dang cute and creative and sweet and she grew up here in Cincy, which makes her even better! I'll be sure to take photos and tell you all about it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I definitely love the orange border. I've been sending all my quilts out - otherwise I am afraid they'd never get done. However, I would like to hand quilt one some day...


  2. hehe... I read your post title & thought of Faith. Then paused and thought, perhaps it has to do with actual lemons. Then wondered if I were to hear the term 'fresh lemons' outside of the bloggy world, would I still think immediately of Faith? Probably, but I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that she was the topic of conversation. Right? Maybe I would. lol
    Anyway, I think I am excited for your quild a little teeny bit! Lucky ladies!

  3. I LOVE the fabrics you've pulled each and every one!!! Am with Be Be the orange border looks great...

  4. Yes keep the orange and YES to the hand quilting! I know it's a large task, but it might be nice to just pull it out some evenings to work on in front of the tube. And you are right, the folksy design is just begging for it. I got to see Rachel's (stitched in color) modern medallion quilt in person when we were in Atl, and the hand stitching was divine on it. Just saying.


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