The Return Of Mojo

Getting it back, people. I feel it. The creativity is flowing through my body like strong, hot espresso. I've been pulling fabrics, sketching, cutting, online window fabric shopping, planning a field trip to the Fabric Shack. Oh, it feels so good to have my head filled with yummy images of what could be and what's to come.

So I got two advance copies of our book a few weeks ago. Kelly and I were scared to open them. Now that she lives in South Carolina, we had to open our packages together over the phone. It was pretty cool seeing the book - even though we've been through what seems like a hundred edit cycles of it and I knew what it would look like, it was kind of surreal to have it in my hands, to thumb through the pages and see the projects  in print. And I have to say - Kelly and I are very pleased. I know I'm biased, but I would buy this book. I wanna re-make everything I made and I really wanna make everything that Kelly made.

Which leads me to two things I've been doing - starting two of the projects in the book. One is mine and one is Kelly's.  Mine is a flying geese pattern that uses two elements of modern design - minimalism and asymmetry. Can't show the whole pattern - you have to buy the book! But here's part of it:

And here's the palette:

I'll be making the geese from these fabrics and setting them against a creamy, nubby natural muslin. This one will be a around 80"x90" when done.

I'm also cutting up scraps for a postage stamp quilt. Kelly made one for the book that I cannot wait to make. I'm a scrap hoarder and this quilt speaks to me on so many levels. Kelly's pattern calls for over (700) 2.5"x 2.5" pieces cut from coordinating FQs, but I'm making mine using 3"x3" scraps. So, I gots a ton of cutting to do. Kelly's method is much faster than the one I'm doing, but I have no doubt will be well worth it. Here's my pile so far:
Only 600 more pieces to go.....

By the way - I've had a lot of people ask me about selling autographed copies of our book. I'll be selling them in my Etsy shop closer to the publish date in October.

In other news, the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild took on a challenge over the summer. We challenged our members to make 100 pillowcases for ConKerr, an organization that helps kids with cancer. And guess what? We did it! We made over 100 pillowcases that will go to kids in Cincinnati who are battling cancer and blood diseases like leukemia and sickle cell anemia. As a result of my new job, this has become a cause close to my heart as I get to know more about the kids and families that battle this crappy mess of a situation. We're planning more sewing for these kids in the next months and I couldn't be happier about it. Click here to learn more about volunteering with this organization.


  1. woo hooo... She's baaaaaaaack! Missed ya!

  2. You're a tease... ;)

    And a field trip to the Fabric Shack would be awesome! I need to try to hit up the Purl warehouse here in SoCal sometime!

  3. You might have had the girl taken out of the creativity for a while, but you can't take the creativity out of the girl! It was so good to see your post this evening, Andie! I'm looking forward to your projects and the book.


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