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I know I may begin to grate your nerves about schlepping my book, but....tough.
 I wrote a book with one of my bestest friends and it's beautiful and fun and the projects are cool as heck and totally doable and I'm kinda crazy-proud of myself and Kelly hope we sell a million of these suckers.

So, as of today, signed copies of
 Modern Designs for Classic Quilts
 are available in my Etsy shop.

Click here to go to my shop and buy one...or five.

I'm feeling a little sappy today and my emotional cup overfloweth.  All kinds of thoughts going through my head about where this book will take Kelly and me. We've been in talks with so many wonderful people about all kinds of future projects and I'm just so dang excited I could throw up. For real.

I want all of my quilty people to know that I cherish each of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me and being my virtual friends.


  1. not that I have many readers, but I'll help schlep your books.

  2. I want one signed by both of you!

  3. I am going to market and excited to meet you. Can i buy a book there?

  4. Jenny - you're so silly. I'm sending you some copies this week. And I can't stinkin' wait to meet you face to face!!

  5. Congratulations! I know how much work it is to write a book, and the great expectations for it to sell. I hope you make your million mark!

  6. Woo-hoo! (waving my pom-poms for you in Iowa!)

  7. Oh, Yay!! Congratulations, I can hardly wait to see your creations, Andie. I'm so proud of you and can only imagine the hours involved!

  8. I've just written my first ever pattern and that was HARD! So I admire your for putting together a whole book! And it looks like a wonderful book too - a perfect addition to my library.


  9. Can't wait until Amazon see fit to deliver mine.. Congrats!


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