Quilt Market

Holy cow, people.
This is kinda big.

Kelly and I are going to Houston to promote our book! I still can't believe this is happening. It's so surreal.

Give ya a little taste......

Effie's Web by Andie Johnson (that's me!)

First - Quilt Market is, I hear, amaze-sauce. I literally start shaking a little when I start thinking about everything that Kelly and I will do and see from Thursday to Sunday. People, fabric, notions,  meetings with cool people, book signings, a schoolhouse, parties. Seriously - who knew quilting could be so exciting?

Second {and kinda lame really} is I don't really travel by myself. I travel with my family or in groups. I've only flown by myself 3 times in my life. So, this is hopefully the start of some adventurous traveling as I expand my quilting and sewing career.

So yeah...

So, just a few of the peeps we're hangin' out with.....

Laurie Wisbrun, who designs delicious fabrics

Deborah Moebes - who is a fellow F+W Media author and owns Whipstitch in Atlanta

Angela Walters, who quilted Kelly's Dreden Plate quilt in the book.

Jake Finch and the Gen Q Magazine Team

The team at Quilting Arts and Modern Patchwork magazines

Jenny Pedigo, who quilted 2 of my quilts (including the one pictured above) in the book and the creator of the Quick Curve Ruler.

Kelly and I plan on bringing back some good info, some great new business partners and some serious swag to share with you guys!

Also - this is kinda big, too.

On Tuesday, October 30, Sew Mama Sew will be be doing a post about our book and doing a giveaway. On Wednesday (Halloween) I'll start a giveaway of a coordinated fabric bundle for one of the projects in the book!

 More on this in the next few days, my lovlies.

 Kelly and I have some events scheduled during Quilt Market.  If you're at QM - you better stop by!
...or else.
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  1. You are going to have an amazing time---oooh, I SO wish I was going this time!!! Best of luck and tons of success, girlie! Love ya!

  2. Big smiles for you both!! Can't wait to meet you!

  3. So pleased for you! I cant wait to get my copy of your book! Dont forget the sample sale! I would love to go to one some day.

  4. Way to go!! Have fun!
    Connie in California

  5. You will have such a great time, if it's anything like the Spring Market here in KC. Enjoy every second!!

  6. Of course quilt market is going to be fabulous ... but I think you're also going to get a taste of the fun of travelling on your own and never-ever having to negotiate or make compromise about where you're going, when you're going, and what you're doing at any given time.


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