Deborah from Whipstitch Can Sew

I got to meet Deborah at Quilt Market a few weeks ago.
And I can tell you 3 things about her:
1. She's very pretty and very warm.
2. She can sew. I mean, she can sew.
3. She has a new book coming out that will be a must for every person who sews. Period.
Deborah owns Whipstitch in Atlanta, a modern quilting and sewing studio.  She's done a superb job of structuring her classes - which is to say they have a flow to them, a very smart succession of skill building classes that lead the student on a sewing journey.
She also wrote this book, which again, is a must-own book for every sewist.
Kelly had worked with Deborah on her new book and was really excited to see her again at Quilt Market. She kept telling me, "oh, you'll really like her. She's great." 
And Kelly was right. I really like Deborah. She's invited us down to Hotlanta to teach.
And I can't wait.
So I have to tell you about a little moment I had when I was in Houston.
Kelly and I stopped by the MQG exhibit at IQF on Sunday, right before we headed out to the airport.  While there, we ran into Jacquie Gering, Sarah Fielke, Deborah and Amy Lobsiger. And for about 15 minutes, the six of us chatted about quilting, writing quilt books and marketing strategies for getting our books publicized. 
 It was one of the most surreal moments of my life.
It hit me...hard...this whole experience has been a dream.  I keep thinking someone is gonna call me and say, "Sorry, Andrea - we're just messin' with ya. We're not publishing your book. See ya."
But no one has called.
And the book is here.
And I can call lovely ladies, like Deborah, my contemporaries.
Crazy cool.
Check out What Deborah has to say today about MDCQ.
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