I Vote for Quilting

Election day is one of my favorite days. I *love* being able to cast my vote and have my say. I live for that sticker that the poll worker hands me as I leave the building, almost as if I'm a good little girl who just cleaned up her toys.

But today - I'm feeling a little worn down by politics. Casting my vote yesterday was kinda painful. I felt it was choosing the lesser of two evils. (I mean that figuratively, of course.) But there's something bigger on my heart today.

I'll keep my opining short here, mostly because we're all so sick of discussing the election. I'm sickened by partisan rhetoric and trash talking. It makes my stomach turn to think of how much money - billions of dollars - is spent on campaigns. Money that could be used to feed and clothe the poor, medical treatment for the ill, job programs for the unemployed. And I just wanna puke when people gloat when they win and whine when they lose. Everybody likes democracy when it's working to their advantage, but boy howdy does it sting when it bites ya in the hiney.

So today - I turn to the sounds of John Denver,  Crosby, Stills and Nash and the whir of my Janome to soothe my politic-weary soul. I vote to quilt today. Not for any work-related projects. Not projects I'm giving away as gifts. I'm making something just for me. And it feels right. Throw pillows that I'm finishing from a workshop I took with Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons. Mmm...throw pillows. Scrappy throw pillows. Nom nom nom.

And even more exciting - Jill M from Darling Jill Quilts is today's stop on our blog tour for MDCQ! Jill quilted 3 of the quilts in the book - the Log Cabin on the cover, Meshugana and In the Clouds. Stop by her blog and see what she has to say about the book and her experience quilting the projects for the book!


  1. I'm tired of the divisiveness right now - someone(*cough* Congress) needs to man/woman up and agree they need to work together.

    But I think no one can deny the appeal of Voting for Quilting :)

  2. Well the GOOD NEWS is that it's done and LOTS of women were elected. Maybe THAT'S what it takes to get the job done!!!

  3. Well said, lady! Glad you're having a sewing day. The pillows look nom-licous for sure.


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