I Wanna Live in a Pink Castle

Especially if it's filled with delicious fabrics.

I first met Brenda at IQF Cincinnati in April. She and her posse (shout out to A2MQG!) came to the Cincy MQG Meet Up and entertained everyone. Hilarious. I mean, pee your pants funny.

I saw her again at Quilt Market when she and her posse came to our book schoolhouse. Again - so funny. And so supportive. And Kelly and I just kept bumping into her all weekend. Did I mention she has purple highlights in her hair? Yeah. Pretty cool.

Brenda owns Pink Castle Fabrics. It's an online store that's being transitioned into a B&M joint. So so excited for her. I love risk takers - I think they drive our economy. People like Brenda, who start small businesses and nurture them, are the women I look up to, the women I admire.

Shop her fabric selection. She has pretty flawless taste in stuff. And she's got a TON of modern stuff.

Some of my favorite people!
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Wed., Nov. 21 Brenda of Pink Castle Fabrics

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Friday, Nov. 23 Sarah ofThe Last Piece

Saturday, Nov. 24 Cara of Cara Quilts

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