Improv Yumminess and The Lady With the Lemons

So yesterday I told you I was working on a project that I started in a workshop led by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons,  back in the summer, based on this project of hers:

 She taught us the method for an improvisational log cabin, but slightly more advanced than just your average wonky log cabin.  I got both of the front panels done for the throw pillows and now I'm ready to quilt them. I think I'll just do a straight quilting on these - nothing fancy.  SO excited to finish these.
Yeah, this picture is bad. Sorry. I'll post better pics when they're done.

Recently I was talking to one of our CincyMQG members about modern quilting (she's a pretty traditional gal) and she was telling me that she was so bummed she had to miss that retreat "with the lady with the lemons" because she really wanted to learn some modern stuff.
 I'm listening to her and I'm thinking "lady with the lemons"?? Huh? What the heck is she talking about? Did someone provide produce at one of our events? Was there some lemon-printed fabric that someone brought?
 "You know - that lady from Chicago who makes all the patterns" Ah. Got it. So hilarious that Faith is the "lady with the lemons".

Faith is the kind of person you wanna be friends with. She's warm and smiles easily and she's just as cute as a button. She's a hard worker and a good mama and she's pretty dang talented.  And at the workshop this summer, I got to meet her mom and her sister and they were so sweet and kind. So excited she's a stop on our blog tour for MDCQ today!

Tuesday, Nov. 6 Lindsay of CraftBuds

Wed., Nov. 7 Jill of Darling Jill Quilts

Thursday, Nov. 8 Faith of Fresh Lemons

Friday, Nov. 9 Tracy of Generation Q

Saturday, Nov. 10 Angela of Quilting is my Therapy

Sunday, Nov. 11 Shannon of Stitch Craft Create

Monday, Nov. 12 Laurie of Scarlet Fig

Tuesday, Nov. 13 Lindsay of The Cottage Mama

Wed., Nov. 14 Jessica of A Little Gray

Thursday, Nov. 15 Mary of The Tulip Patch

Friday, Nov. 16 Deborah of Whipstitch

Saturday, Nov. 17 Kaysie of KZJo’s Studio

Sunday, Nov. 18 Jenny of Sew Kind of Wonderful

Monday, Nov. 19 Carla of LollyQuiltz

Tuesday, Nov. 20 Thomas of Thomas Knauer Sews

Wed., Nov. 21 Brenda of Pink Castle Fabrics

Thursday, Nov. 22 Liz Rea Inspire Me Grey

Friday, Nov. 23 Sarah of The Last Piece

Saturday, Nov. 24 Cara of Cara Quilts


  1. Can't stop laughing at "Did someone provide produce at one of our events?"


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