Lindsay of The Cottage Home


I had the absolute pleasure of having dinner with Lindsay, aka The Cottage Mama, while I was in Houston for QM. Lindsay, her mom Jane, Kelly and I went to a quaint little restaurant in Montrose and had some darn delicious Italian food. It was such a nice time - we laughed, strategized, shared info, laughed, ate, drank wine, laughed. Best night I've had in a long time.

 Lindsay and Jane are warm, smart, good mamas and funny. Lindsay is a skilled garment pattern writer - her designs are adorable, approachable and fun. And she is. a. marketing. machine. She was generous with her strategies and contacts and so, so humble about the opportunities coming down the pike for her.

Her blog is so much fun - recipes, TONS of tutorials, great little tidbits of info for the everyday crafter and sewist.

Check out her studio - it's so stinkin cute and organized!

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