Wanted: Snarky Craft and Sewing Genius.

Oh Wait....I know that girl.
Her name is Jessica.
And she's my friend.
Like, in real life.
We hang out.
And text.

Jessica is crazy smart, funny and is truly a craft genius. I'm seriously not exaggerating in any way. She really is.

I met her through the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild. She's our VP.

You absolutely must check out her blog. She won Project Run 'N Play over the summer and has pics of delicious clothing and accessories over which to drool.

She and some bloggy friends have been doing their intepretations of outfits for their children based on movies - a series call Film Petit.

She's currently doing Christmas crafts based on iconic Christmans movies - which have been both hilarious and very sweet.

She's a great blogger, too, because she's very conversational, generous with the tutorials and does projects in series, which keeps things fresh and fun.
I totally dig her.

Jessica is talking about MDCQ today. I truly value her opinion, mostly because she's my friend, but also because I think she's a craft and sewing genius.

Go visit her now. And follow her blog while you're there.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 Lindsay of CraftBuds

Wed., Nov. 7 Jill of Darling Jill Quilts

Thursday, Nov. 8 Faith of Fresh Lemons

Friday, Nov. 9 Tracy of Generation Q

Saturday, Nov. 10 Angela of Quilting is my Therapy

Sunday, Nov. 11 Shannon of Stitch Craft Create

Monday, Nov. 12 Laurie of Scarlet Fig

Tuesday, Nov. 13    Kaysie of KZJo’s Studio

Wed., Nov. 14 Jessica of A Little Gray

Thursday, Nov. 15 Mary of The Tulip Patch

Friday, Nov. 16 Deborah of Whipstitch

Saturday, Nov. 17   Lindsay of The Cottage Home

Sunday, Nov. 18 Jenny of Sew Kind of Wonderful

Monday, Nov. 19 Carla of LollyQuiltz

Tuesday, Nov. 20 Thomas of Thomas Knauer Sews

Wed., Nov. 21 Brenda of Pink Castle Fabrics

Thursday, Nov. 22 Liz Rea Inspire Me Grey

Friday, Nov. 23 Sarah ofThe Last Piece

Saturday, Nov. 24 Cara of Cara Quilts


  1. oh god, that's the weirdest picture of me ever :)

    My post is up, I probably could've gushed for like 18 more paragraphs!

  2. Love her comment. Don't we all adore photos of ourselves... And that Birds photo is the bomb!

    Going to check her out, I appreciate well done snark.


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